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Weber Q300 Review

Weber Q300 gas grill has the main feature of portability with convenient size.  It has the powerful grilling capability in a modest and small package. You can bring your barbeque restaurant with you to a ball game, park, camping, and also in the parties of your home.

It is built with high quality barbeque related features two burners for direct and indirect grilling heat.  It is designed with a thermometer, so you can get the perfect heat for your steaks, roast, and burgers. You can even grill a 12 pound turkey over the Weber Q300.

It is the built with 21,700 BTU per hour input that is the significant feature of this grill. Its total cooking area spread on 393-square inches.  Push button igniter can give it advanced modern look. 

The cooking grate for grilling is made of porcelain enameled cast iron. A cooking box with cast aluminum is built to facilities your carries. Two removable and durable working tables are attached to the grill to make the movability possible.  The grill consists on bolts of the cart which is moved on two wheels.  The grill’s side shelf offers you the facility of preparation food, which is convenient and easy to use.

It is the full size barbecue grill with cast durable aluminum body and has a lid of reinforce glass.  It has a tool hooks to handle your barbecue tools. In the measurement, Weber Q300 is 44 by 36-1/2 and by 22 inches that have a shipping weight of 54.6 pounds.

It is available at all grocery and electronic stores with 5 years warranty.  It is currently available in the USA.  The Weber Q300 is easy to use and consumed a short grilling time. It is designed with the powerful and attractive look with easy to clean features. It is built with the features of easy to adjust burning heat.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Weber Q220 Review

Weber Q220 Review

Weber Q220 grill is a great choice if you are looking for a portable yet powerful gas grill.
Q 220 has great features which are easy to use for grilling beginners and sophisticated enough for experts. Like an option to easily adjust the fire with its burner valve so that you can make sure that your steak is grilled to perfection.

The Weber Q220 Gas Grill is made of high quality cast iron which makes it sturdy and good for long use.
Webber Q220 has almost 100 customer reviews on with average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0 It is one of the best-selling grills in Tabletop Grills, Camping Grills, and Portable Grills categories.


The Weber Q220 is can be used by both grilling beginners and experts as well.

Electronic Ignition
Weber 566002 Q220 Gas Grill is can easily be lighted thanks to its electronic ignition.

Adjustable Burner Valve
You will also be able to keep the fire under control depending on your preference as the Weber Q220 comes with an adjustable burner valve that has a high-quality regulator.

Built-in Thermometer
Weber Q220 Gas Grill features a built-in thermometer which makes it very convenient as you no longer have to stick a separate thermometer to know whether the food is cooking at the right temperature.


While many people have said that the Weber Gas Grill is a bit on the heavy side, what is good about it is the fact that you can tell that it is made of high quality cast iron materials. Once you have tried using cast iron instead of stainless steel wires, you will understand why people choose to grill on the former.

Tools for the Weber Q220 are sold separately but when you decide to buy these, you need not worry about its storage as the gas grill comes with 2 durable tuck away work tables that have built-in tool holders. These can be folded up and stored inside the grill for even more convenience.

The Weber Q220 has a glass reinforced nylon frame as well as a lid made of cast aluminum and a removable catch pan.

Because you probably will leave your gas grill in your backyard, it will be exposed to weather elements such as rain and wind and these can cause rusting. It is a good thing then that the Weber Q220 has a lid handle that is made of weather-resistant materials.

Weber Q220 Package Contents 

The Weber Q 220 gas grill comes with items like:
- 2 pieces of Tuck-Away work tables with built-in holders for optional tools
- glass-reinforced nylon grill frame
- cast aluminum lid and grill body
- removable catch pan
- thermometer built-in the lid
- porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate
- Weber Q recipe booklet

Accessories you will need to buy separately for your gas grill:
- 14.1 or 16.4-ounce propane cylinders
- grill tools
- optional grill stand (like the one on this picture)

Pros and Cons 

- Solid construction with functional design elements mentioned above - cast iron cooking surface, two side tables, utensil hooks for grilling tools
- Built-in thermometer
- Tall grill lid lets you cook a larger roast or something else tall
- Good flame control
- Compatible with different propane tanks using optional adapter
- Lots of excellent accessories you can buy separatelly
- A little bit too heavy. It is a price you pay for the sturdy construction and quality components used.

Weber Q220 vs Q100 vs Q200 vs Q300

Weber Q220
Weber Q100
Weber Q200
Weber Q300
12,000 BTU-per-hour input
8,500 BTU-per-hour input
12,000 BTU-per-hour input
2 burners @21,700 BTU
per hour
Push button
Push button
Push button
Glass-reinforced nylon frame
Glass-reinforced nylon frame
Glass-reinforced nylon frame
Glass-reinforced nylon frame
Work tables
Folding work tables with tool holders
Folding work tables with tool holders
Folding work tables with tool holders
Built-in thermometer
Built-in thermometer
Bolts onto stationary cart

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